Sith Inquisitor details: it’s about lightning

Darksiders and fans of black cloaks rejoice: your Sith Inquisitor update is here. Today Bioware released a new class video showing off all the lightning powers a Darth Sidious fan could hope for. The SI also got a revamped class page on the Holonet, a detailed page about their ship “The Fury”, and their first companion character , a Dashade named Khem Val.

The new class video starts out on Korriban with a Zabrak Inquisitor walking through what looks to be some sort of base, possibly an academy, talking about the power of the darkside as she lays waste to two Sith infront of her, making quick work of the two with visually exciting lightning powers. If you’re going to be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic then you most likely have seen all of of the Star Wars films. Force lightning is a power used by the Sith and Dark Jedi, but the Inquisitor seems to have so much more.

In the class video she creates a thunderstorm in a room full of troopers, sucks the life force out of some Geonosians, and surrounds herself with a force bubble (probably not the official name). In several scenes (only when not in a complete cinematic view) the Zabrak has black smoke moving about her, which leads me to believe it could possibly some sort of a sustained buff, better crit, better chance to hit, etc.  It’s not hard to tell that Force Lightning is a large part of being an Inquisitor. It’s used for damage, sustained crowd control and fire and forget styled crowd control. The Inquisitor is beginning to look like a rogue with a lot more options. They have the ability to stealth, but also have AoE and shielding abilities (force bubble). The Inquisitor can literally do it all from tanking to healing, crowd control to damage dealing, but the real question is will he be a jack of all trades, but a master of none?

I honestly think as a community the Inquisitors and Consular will have some of the hardest builds and strategies to master because they are so diverse, but once you’ve got it down they’ll be hard to handle in PvE or PvP. Be sure to watch the whole video on SWTOR’s official site.

The Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor is the most versatile ship in the Imperial Fleet. It has the agility of a fighter with the fire power that rivals vessels much larger than itself. I would have to say it’s a really cool design. It looks like a giant TIE Interceptor and that’s not a bad thing. It definitely  looks the part of a Sith ship and the short video of it’s internal compartments, which you can see here, makes it look as roomy as all the other ships you’ve seen so far. Honestly the Fury has been my favorite ship since the first time I saw it, because to me it looks like what Star Wars should look like.

The Inquisitor’s update also came with a bio for a Dashade named Khem Val. A Dashade looks a lot like if Predator and Goro had a child – pretty brutal right? This is a small exert from Khem Val’s bio on the Holonet

His people, the Dashade, thrived. A powerful species of Force-resistant killers, they drew strength from feeding on Jedi and Sith alike. Khem Val was called Shadow Killer and Devourer.” – the Holonet

Though his bio doesn’t give any specifics about what type of combat he will excel at, I’m pretty sure I saw a picture of him with a gnarly looking Vibro-blade on the internet somewhere, and when combined with his large stature, it should bring Khem Val to the top of meat shield companions that we’ve seen. Be sure to check out Khem Val’s full bio here – it’s short but pretty interesting.

So another Friday down, another day closer, to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

May the Force be with you.