Taral V walkthrough

The steady drip-feed of information coinciding with PAX East continues, this time with a 16-minute walkthrough of the Taral V Flashpoint. It covers pretty much anything and I’d argue it’s the most substantive gameplay demonstration to date. This is certainly a game that’s starting to look pretty polished and engaging. As mentioned on our podcast, we were hoping for some end-game content, and that may still be unveiled, but this is a great taster.

The introductory part of Taral V will be a must-skip after the first couple of times but it sets up the story nicely.

Anyway, have a look for yourself:

Would love your thoughts on it: is the game fleshing out as you’d expected, or is there parts of the experience you feel is still missing?


  1. I agree. I thought the Taral V walk through was the best vid yet. Certainly shows how things have improved with animation etc. There was also an audio interview with James Ohlsen which I found very interesting which you have probably all heard. If not check it out here:


    Axzaril – GM of Valorous