Announcing: Flash Point podcast

I’m really pleased to be able to announce that we’re about to start our own podcast. We’ve decided to call it Flash Point, as we hope to ignite debate and conversation amongst the SWTOR community – and yes we know about Flashpoints in SWTOR so there’s an analogy there as well. It’ll be hosted by myself and Edward Wilson, with Alec Bailey hopefully joining us in subsequent episodes.

The podcast’s focus will be to provide around an hour of commentary on Star Wars: The Old Republic each fortnight or so, with community input key. Whether it’s questions you want answered, issues you want debated or an aural soapbox for you to vent, we’re extremely keen to hear from you. We think we can provide a different tack to the other great podcasts already out there, but the proof will be in the finished product. So if you’d like to ask a question / make a suggestion for Episode 1, then here’s how:

1. Ask a question via Twitter

2. Post something on our official podcast sub-forum

3. Use our contact form

It’s fair to say we’re a little excited by this. Episode 1 is being recorded this weekend and should be available by next Monday at the latest.