Flashpoints unveiled, Taral V glimpses

Bioware have announced a key component of SWTOR: Flashpoints. Group-based missions with decision-driven mechanics, they’re essentially your traditional dungeon instance but with potentially a little more nuance. Because decisions / story drive next steps, then your experience will be slightly different each time – at least until you’ve run it a handful of times.

The Taral V instance is the one briefly showcased, have a look for yourself:

Aside from Taral V, the other Flashpoints mentioned:

1. The Esseles (Republic only) – a defend the ship / decide what to do with the passenger story.

2. The Black Talon (Empire only) – attack a Republic transport and decide whether to spare the Captain.

3. Boarding Party (Empire only) – this is the mirror of the Taral V flashpoint i.e. you need to track down the escaping prisoner.

4. Directive 7 (both factions) – this involves shutting down a mutiny by droids.

Aside from the story-driven aspects, the main object of a flashpoint is loot hence the dungeon comparison. That said, there seems to be enough new aspects to make these missions engaging beyond the first couple of runs, although it’s probably not possible to avoid the grinding aspects of instances over the longer term.

Jump in: are Flashpoints what you expected, and if not, why not?