Your crew in SWTOR: new details

Bioware in their regular Friday update have released some more info on how your crew will work for you in-game.

Essentially your crew can take part in gathering, crafting and missions on their own. Whether it’s gathering / salvaging alongside you during a fight or solo diplomacy missions, your crew are set up to assist even when you’re not in-game yourself.

Have a look for yourself:

As someone who’s obsessed with fishing and First Aid in WoW, I’ve been waiting for more info on this stuff. Without gushing too much, I think what Bioware have announced with crew skills, crafting and gathering is a major improvement on anything else out there in MMO land at the moment. From the information at hand, they’ve managed to pull off an engaging, well integrated side game that will strengthen the overall playing experience. That’s all you can ask for really.


  1. I think they have greatly opened the depth of crafting by having a crew system. And considering that the time sink that gathering mats can be in games like WoW, you will see with this automation a greater supply of materials for a player economy. The players who can juggle their companions work schedules will be at a major advantage.