Twi’lek, Chiss and E3 predictions

With the E3 Games Expo imminent, the pre-expo information has picked up in a big way. One of note is an in-depth piece over at Gamespot.

Although a playable Rattataki race was confirmed back in May, I don’t believe Twi’lek and Chiss have been confirmed prior to now. The article also contains some great descriptions of initial quests for each class as well as some more detail on game mechanics. One thing’s for certain – the next seven days will see the biggest influx of SWTOR information to date.

With my crystal ball fired up, here’s a couple of predictions for E3 and Bioware / SWTOR:

1. There’ll be no change to the launch window although hints may be dropped on things progressing well.

2. Indicative pricing will be announced.

3. There’ll be some in-depth display of game mechanics, limited to initial stages of the game.

4. A boss fight will be shown.

5. PvP combat will be shown.

What say you? What are your predictions for E3?

Oh, and one other thing: we have someone on the ground at E3 chasing SWTOR news for us. No guarantees but watch this space for some interesting info in coming days.