Sith Sunday – SWTOR in the news

It’s hard to do a roundup of SWTOR news at the end of a huge week like the last one has been, but here goes:

1. The Wall Street Journal has a great article contrasting financial reform in the United States to some Star Wars lore of a similar vein.

2. For the comic-obsessive (like me), there’s quite a swathe of Star Wars comics on the way.

3. We’d love you to download our iPhone / iPad app. For a buck you help employ writers passionate about SWTOR – that HAS to be a good deal 😉

4. The big part of the week’s E3 announcement was the Hope trailer. Aside from our own opinion, there’s this one and this one to name two. Even the Christian Science Monitor has an opinion.

To top it off, here’s an interview with Lead Writer, Daniel Erickson: