Sith Sunday – SWTOR in the news

1. On the Bioware side of things, the latest instalment (part 22) of the Blood of the Empire webcomic is out.

2. From the TOROZ forums: if you want to see how high the bar has been raised in regard to Guild promotion videos, then check this one out.

We’re also just a little bit proud of our contribution to the Hitler meme, with a video on him discovering the upcoming SWTOR launch.

4. From the official forums: Did Darth Vader’s suit restrict him? You can nominate your guild’s website for an award, the Val Stormwind Fan Fiction continues growing, and to prove SWTOR players have a great sense of humour, check out the Justin Bieber vs Miley Cyrus thread.

5. Don’t forget there’s an upcoming Clone Wars virtual world, which will be browser-based.