Sith Sunday – SWTOR in the news

1. The President of LucasArts, Darrell Rodriguez, has resigned. There’s apparently no impact on SWTOR with this announcement.

2. The Guardian in the UK asks: what Star Wars tie-in games would you like to see?

3. From the SWTOR Forums 1: for those who can’t get enough of rhyming couplets and the like, there’s now a poetry and limerick thread.

4. From the SWTOR Forums 2: the official Australia / NZ thread continues to grow

5. This could become required reading for potential SWTOR guild leaders: The Guild Leader’s Handbook. It appears fairly WoW-centric but I’ve ordered a copy so expect a review in the future.

6. In official news – the second issue of Blood of the Empire is now out.

7. Don’t forget our own forums: there’s a steady population growing but there’s certainly room for a few more!