Sith Sunday – SWTOR in the news

1. Bioware have announced a new planet that’ll be featuring in SWTOR: Voss.

Voss is an independent planet populated by Mystics who are major wielders of The Force, but know nothing of its existence. Sounds rather intriguing.

2. From the official SWTOR forums, there’s some interesting discussions on prestige classes, whether role-playing fansites serve any purpose, and a great introductions thread for Australian and New Zealand SWTOR players.

3. Whilst talking forums, we’ve set up our own. They’re very simple, which concerned us initially but the feedback has been great to date, and there’s already a good community building.

4. We’re also running a new poll on our front page, asking you whether a guild is going to be front and centre for you in your SWTOR experience. The results from the first poll were:

No big surprises there although one has to wonder about the people who voted that they hate either game.


  1. An interesting planet, but feel many of the screen shots are looking similar, same rocks, same tress, different colours