SWTOR: Comic-Con news roundup

swtor-fight The SWTOR PR-people have been on a roll in recent months with a regular drip-feed of new information to keep interest well and truly piqued. This weekend saw the SWTOR show roll into San Diego’s Comic-Con.

In the lead-up, IGN conducted a Q&A session with the SWTOR team (Dallas Dickinson – Senior Content Producer, BioWare, and Jake Neri, Producer at LucasArts), which is well worth a read (there’s also a good summary here), although it’s riddled with “we can’t comment yet”.

As far as news from Comic-Con itself:

1. You can listen to the full audio of the Comic-Con panel here, thanks to Darth Hater. Beware though, there’s lots of fan screaming / cheering 😉

2. Not surprisingly, there were no ground-breaking new announcements although there’s now the promise of a more extensive gameplay demonstration in August at gamescom in Germany.

What’s your take? Did you attend the panel session and if so, what was the vibe like?