Ok, this isn’t much a shop but we do have some stuff for sale for those of you happy enough with what we do to fork out some cash. Even better, if you do buy something, we don’t profit from it: 100% of profits go to our charity of choice: Kiva

So -think of this as browsing around a boutique shop for Star Wars Geeks where your hard earned cash will go to helping people struggling a lot more than you or I.


Red Zoner and Proud

Are you proud too? Click here to buy it- the profit per shirt goes to There’s a bunch of different styles including hoodies etc.





TOROZ Plain Shirt

We’re biased but we love our logo and it looks pretty spiffy on a t-shirt. Plus, think of the conversations you’ll start with people wondering what the hell TOROZ is.

Click here to buy and again 100% of proceeds go to charity.