Oceanic Guilds

The listing on this page has been discontinued BUT we now have server specific forums where you can post your guild listing:


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Below is the old listing which you’re welcome to use but a lot of it may be now out of date.

Last Updated: 12th March 2012

Guild Name Website Faction Guild Leaders Looking For Vent etc? Region
419 Guild http://419guild.com/ Both Spinikar (Empire),Kasa(Republic) 419 sqd Beta Members only, but in the future we are open to friends of members and also people whom show active interest on the forums and with us ingame ( 17+, PVE/PVP) Mumble Oceanic
Alterelectus http://www.swtor.com/guilds/49250/alterelectus Empire dirtybird-au, oldmanakbar all old AE members from previous MMO’s and Oceanic daisy chain slot Vent Oceanic
Animosity http://www.animosity-guild.net Empire Dark, Desy, Indelible Experienced, 18+, Active, Progressive 150 slots, members only; if your in-game, you’re on vent US, EU, Oceanic
Atrum Semita http://www.atrumsemita.guildlaunch.com Empire Goose, Maverick, Onisphere Mature oceanic players. MMO exp preferred Vent Oceanic
Aus http://aus.enjin.com/home Empire Daz Looking for Mature Players who want to enjoy SWTOR casually Vent Oceanic
Aut Pax Aut Bellum http://www.swtor.com/guilds/65886/aut-pax-aut-bellum Empire Lestatz 18+,Friendly,PvP/PvE,New Zealanders,Evil,goth No Oceanic
AVID http://www.avidswtor.com Empire Biosis Mature gamers from the Oceanic region, or who play at similar times to Oceanic players Vent Oceanic
Beskar http://www.beskar.net Empire Blur Mature 18+ PvP/RP/PvE Vent US, EU, Oceanic
Black Empire Council http://www.bsc-community.com Empire pi-sa Mature Casual/family/social/fun 18+ gamers. Forum activeness required Vent US, EU, Oceanic
Carpe Jugulum http://www.swtor.com/guilds/25901/carpe-jugulum Empire Texarkana New Zealand players 18+ Teamspeak 3 Oceanic
Catacomb http://www.swtor.com/guilds/12083/catacomb Empire PurpleCliff Casual/Fun/Chillaxed players No Oceanic
Concur http://www.swtor.com/guilds/210876/concur Empire Disconcur Mature players Vent Oceanic
Corvus http://torcorvus.guildomatic.com/ Rep Moonstorm Mature, Active Players. All classes welcome. Vent US, EU, Oceanic
Crimson Legion http://www.crimsonlegion.net/ Empire Moriach Mature players, any class Vent Oceanic
Dark Disciples http://www.darkdisciples.com.au Empire Zigo, Kad, Xeno Casual/Hardcore 18+ gamers Vent Oceanic
Darkness Drive http://darknessdrive.guildlaunch.com/ Empire Leechman 18+, Friendly, Casual or Hardcore, Active players. Vent Oceanic/US/EU
Dark Immunity http://www.darkimmunity.com Empire Pelum Anyone 😉 Mumble Oceanic
Destruction http://www.destruction.net.au/ Empire Kremlin KOA Friendly MMOers with a desire to play on the WA timezone. (GMT+8) Vent Oceanic / others
Esgalinzil http://www.swtor.com/guilds/155382/esgalinzil Rep Botchuloz, Chlozzel All classes No Oceanic
Ex Votos http://exvotos.com Rep Rigelhav Mature 18+ Hardcore Raiding/PVP players Raidcall Oceanic
Excision http://www.exosyn.com Empire Lexion Mature, active and friendly players Teamspeak 3 US, EU, Oceanic
Flag of Convenience http://focguild.com Empire Aurorus 20+, Oceanic, Friendly Mumble Oceanic
Halcyon Affinity http://www.swtor.com/guilds/79471/halcyon-affinity Rep Daniel PvE Centric + PvP Pre-mades. Hardcore (theorycrafting + endgame raiding) (age 18+), voice chat requirement during raids Vent Oceanic
Harlequin http://www.theharlequin.com.au Rep Ukrai 17+ between hardcore and casual Mumble Oceanic
Hot Milo http://hotmilo.guildlaunch.com/ Empire Fitzman Mature Social Players – “Casual Hardcore” Vent Oceanic/US
Hyperspace Pub Crawlers http://www.anzac-gaming.net Both Daedelus Experienced, 18+, Active TBA Oceanic
Immortal Guard http://www.immortalguard.net.au Rep Halstrom Friendly, Mature (18+), Active Aussies Vent Oceanic
Imperial Dark Phoenix http://idp.enjin.com/ Empire Commander Xiras, probie Mature 16 +, Active, PVP, operation and flashpoint, for gamers who want to have fun playing a game but also working around real life Mumble Oceanic/US/EU
Insurgence http://www.insurgence.biz Rep Tronc All classes Vent Oceanic
Intensith http://www.intensith.enjin.com/ Empire Predacon, Tempest 18+, end game raiding and flashpoints. Vent Oceanic/US
It’s A Trap http://tinyurl.com/6wnsyz4 Empire Evangelise Looking for any, and all Semi to Serious players, Going to be PVP’ing as well as running endgame Mumble Oceanic
Jupiter Room http://www.jupiteroom.com/ Empire Shudder, Gadget, Mino, Blur Mature (18+), Experienced Casual-Hardcore Raiders for Nightmare Mode Content Vent Oceanic
Knights of Coruscant http://www.swtor.com/guilds/19244/knights-coruscant Rep Ti Lux, Auronite Mature, MMO Experienced, Friendly, PVP Vent Oceanic / others
Knights of the Force http://knightsoftheforce.enjin.com/ Rep Lendrick Experienced, 18+, Active TBA Oceanic
KOALA http://forums.koala-guild.com/ Rep Antispiral, Evolution, Bipolar Laid back/Anyone who can take a joke/Cyborgs Vent Oceanic
KWFL http://www.kwfl.com.au Empire Thingymawotzit Social. RL Mates and friends of friends Vent Oceanic
MDK http://www.swtor.com/guilds/250941/mdk Empire Takayo Mature Players, Progression focused but not required, Prev MMO exp preferred but again not required. Vent Oceanic
Modus Vivendi http://modus-vivendi.com.au/ Rep Badge, Narboon Friendly, Mature, Experienced and PvE/PvP Vent Oceanic/US
Mortal Wombats http://www.swtor.com/guilds/34645/mortal-wombats Empire Sahmine, Marquie, Drdogs Ex/current Mortal Wombats members or theausguild members Mumble Oceanic
Nemesis http://www.nemesis-guild.net/ Empire Gharskull Experienced PvE MMO Background, Mature 18+ Vent Oceanic
November Fifth http://www.novemberfifth.net/ Rep N/A Casual 18+ PvE Vent Oceanic
Random Fact http://random-fact.guildlaunch.com Empire Arghnold PVE, Mature 18+, MMO exp preferred Vent Oceanic
Recon Gaming http://www.recon-gaming.net Empire Watchdog, Ruinoc, Antaumus Not specified Vent Oceanic
Redemption http://www.redemption-guild.com/ Rep Fenix Progression-focused raiders Vent Oceanic
Remnants http://www.remnantsgaming.com/ Empire Insurgent End-Game Content Raiders & PvP’ers (18+) Vent Oceanic
Reverence http://www.reverence.co/ Rep Capex People who want a laid back and friendly PVE and PVP guild Mumble Oceanic
Robes On Head http://www.swtor.com/guilds/71015/robes-head Rep Jasoneth fans of the very Australian Bind on Equip podcast, to join the republic; casual/endgame and mature players willing to help others Vent US, EU, Oceanic
Rogue Squadron http://rogue-squadron.guildlaunch.com Rep Arctorro, Starburst Casual/Social/Fun players Vent Oceanic / others
Secede http://www.secedeguild.com Empire Treppy Experienced raiders (18+) Vent Oceanic
Semi Serious Sith http://sss.guildlaunch.com/ Empire LordGrax, Deeva 18+ Relaxed,Friendly, No Stress, All Play Styles Vent Oceanic/US/EU
Senility http://swtor.senilityguild.com Rep Kiwipearls and Judgment_al 18+ New Zealand based casual guild for adult gamers. Tailored for working adults and parents. PVE and PVP content on PVE server. Open to NZ, Australia, US, Canadian players where our timezone +12GMT suits Vent Oceanic
Shadow Sith http://www.shadowsith.com Empire Rev, Sash, Blade Mature (Mostly 16+) TBA Oceanic
Sinister http://www.SWTORSinister.com Empire Khy Experienced,18+,Active,PVE End-game content Vent Oceanic
Sith Knights http://www.sithknights.com Empire Darkflare Social, Friendly and Mature Gamers Teamspeak 3 Oceanic/US
Soldiers of Xenu http://www.xenusoldiers.enjin.com Rep Brian McKenna, Crowbar, Enra Bahn We are an Oceanic based guild looking at world domination, we cater for all types of players from Elitists to the Casual Gamer. Mumble Oceanic/US/EU
Southern Cross http://www.southerncrossguild.com Both Matt Murdock, Torias Otner Friendly PC gamers based in the South Pacific timezone Yes Oceanic
Southern Wardens http://www.southernwardens.com Both Siha Casual, looking towards endgame content Vent US/Oceanic
South Pacific Gamers http://www.southpacificgamers.com Rep Noxx Casual Progression player in mind Vent Oceanic
SQUAD http://www.squadguild.com Rep JohnnyG Social (18+) Gamers-Questing & End Game Vent Oceanic/US/EU
Star Wars Scum http://www.starwarsscum.com Empire Emperor Ovaltine 18+, Mature individuals -raiding/PvP Vent US, EU, Oceanic
Synapse http://www.synapse-guild.enjin.com/ Rep Ritsuko Experienced, mature, SW fans & gamers Vent Oceanic
Terror Firma http://www.swtor.com/guilds/102425/terror-firma Rep Terra Firma Casual/MMO Experience +25 yrs TBA Oceanic
The Older Gamers http://www.theoldergamers.com Both PVP – Ximia, EU PVE – Vortigen, NA West PVE Republic – Terrik and NA West PVE Empire – Slider All Types – Age 25+ Vent Oceanic / others
The Jedi Ancients http://www.swtor.com/guilds/25504/jedi-ancients Rep Jacken Skywalker Any Republic Players who are friendly, mature and willing to do some guild activities Vent Oceanic / others
The Priory of Ashla http://thepriory.jedinow.com Rep Asarian, Myrabel Jedi and Troopers, 18+ Vent Commonwealth
The Red Zone http://www.swtor.com/guilds/129442/red-zone Empire Desavious Casual/Hardcore Active Mature 18+ Raiding/PvP/PvE TBA Oceanic/Red Zones
The Sacred Order www.thesacredorder.com Rep Illuminatus Social, Mature, Progressive, PvP/PvE, Active. Teamspeak 3 Oceanic
The Seagulls http://theseagulls.guildlaunch.com/ Rep UltiCMan Mature, Active, Friendly, PvE/PvP TBA Oceanic/US
UMBRA http://www.guildumbra.net Empire Lordhammer and Redcor Experienced, 18+, Active, Progressive Yes US, EU, Oceanic
Valorous http://valorousascent.enjin.com/aboutvalorous Rep Axzaril Casual/Social/Fun players Mumble Oceanic
Virtus http://www.virtusgaming.com/forum/ Rep Syphon Experienced, 18+, HC Raiding Vent Oceanic
Wanderers of Hyperspace http://hyperspace.enjin.com Rep Dhurth, Fantomas, Capt Daf. Mature, Active Players. All classes welcome TBA Oceanic
Ye Olde Duff Ale http://www.swtor.com/guilds/93781/ye-olde-duff-ale Rep Loinofbeef,GeorgeTB Everyone Vent Oceanic