The Secret World 1.1.2 Patch Notes

Here they are in full:


Update 1.1.2 – August 15th


  • Removed the need to chew tacos – they can now be consumed in under a second. Note: We cannot be held responsible for choking or other health risks related to rapid food consumption
  • Improved the cast and cooldown times on the Faction Mark items (please note: the cooldown of Mark of the Illuminati will also be changed accordingly in the next update)
  • Using Faction Marks will not put players in combat anymore
  • Fixed an error when trying to connect to Facebook
  • Fixed an issue where some characters could not authenticate with the chat server
  • The target decal option setting will now be saved properly
  • Fixed an issue where flying NPCs would slide across the ground
  • The ingame browser will no longer crash when a download link is opened (it will rather just be ignored)


  • Polaris: The Ur-Draug will now do a line of sight check after agroing a character to make sure he can actually see that character. If not, he’ll resume patrolling
  • The Ankh: Reduced the health of Melothat by 20%
  • Hell Fallen – Nightmare: Reduced the health of the Endjineers
  • Hell Fallen – Nightmare: The Arch-Myrmidon’s Phalanx can no longer be purged, and is only removed when his soldiers are killed
  • Hell Fallen: Ascendant ninjas have gone back to ninja school and learned how to not run away
  • A new, more attractive and less cluttered buff marker for Nightmare dungeon timers has been added. This is purely visual, and doesn’t change how the system works at all
  • The Facility: Soviet laser targeting systems have been upgraded. Lasers will no longer follow you back to the Anima Well


London – Amity House

  • Virgula Divina: Fixed an issue which caused some players to be unable to move after watching a cinematic in the mission


  • The Pick-Up: One of the 3 doors will always allow the player to pass through to the other side

Blue Mountain

  • Detritus Prime: Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the mission

The Savage Coast

  • Ami Legend: The Tenebrous Brood Ravager should now always spawn during tier 2

The Shadowy Forest

  • Last Dance of the Padurii – Tier 3: Capturing Music Essence from spirits must now be done individually if players are to receive the Humming Box correctly. As such, team credit for these goals are now disabled

City of the Sun God

  • Halls of Lost Records: Resolved an issue preventing players from interacting with the nodes

The Secret World: Oceanic Gamer’s Review

Funcom’s The Secret World has been live for more than a month now. In the lead up to launch and immediately afterwards, I was hearing very polarised opinions about the latest MMO out in the marketplace. All MMOs are polarised, but this one seemed expecially so, with people saying it was terrible whilst others loving every second. My curiosity got the better of me so I paid for the digital download version and for the past two weeks have put in quite a number of hours each evening exploring.

Overall gameplay

Fun. That really does sum it up. I’ve never had an MMO like this where I’ve spent a lot of hours running around a fairly small geographic area (Kingsmouth) and enjoying at least 90% of it. I like the atmospherics, the pacing, the music / sound effects (quite minimalist overall) – in fact pretty much everything.

The reality is that you don’t ‘level-up’ in the same way as other MMOs, and is a big plus. Sure, you still get obsessed about achievement points (for more abilities) and skill points (for buffs to your abilities), but it’s a much more fluid process to gain those points and deciding what to do with them. Believe it or not, a lot of the skill side of things is actually fun to think about, which is something new for me in an MMO. With weapons, you get the chance to try them all out before choosing a skill / ability path to start down, and even then you can easily divert to other weapons if you want to.

Oh and Mac users: this is a Windows only game but it runs a treat on my three year old iMac in Boot Camp.


Like any MMO there are your usual ‘kill 12 of X things’ but I have to say that these were nowhere as frequent as any other MMOs I’ve played. Most of the quests are pretty interesting, particularly the invesitigation and surveillance missions, which require your thinkign skills, not your button mashing skills. There are of course daily quests and the like if you’re on a real XP grind. Oh – and there’s a web browser in-game to make it easier to do online research for some of the quests – a great feature.


Like any MMO there’s the expected social features of group chat, private messages and general chat in each area. Having only got to the end of Kingsmouth I don’t feel qualified to discuss how social people are getting later in the game, but at this stage there’s not reams of toons hanging out in particular locations. One very subjective comment I’d make on general chat is that it’s a bit more civilised than other MMOs I’ve played although that could just be a result of the lower numbers on the server comparatively. That said, a warning: if you are thinking of jumping on general chat to have the brains trust answer the mystery you’re currently trying to solve, then make damn sure you’ve at least tried to research the answer for yourself.

Graphics and Music

This is where I became totally sold on TSW as a game I want to play longer term. I’m going to come out and say this is the best quality MMO I’ve played graphics-wise. Add to that the art style and the minimalist music, and it has me hooked. This is the only MMO I’ve ever played where I’ve always kept the sound on. Of course, graphics are a very individual thing so some may totally hate the style but I’m certainly not one of them. The rich colours (particularly in London as I rolled a Templar), are worth noting as well.

For those really interested in the graphics, I’ve created a slideshow of a dozen or so scenes from the game:


I partly covered this in the quest section above, but I wanted to give some more emphasis to how engaging story can be in this game. Star Wars The Old Republic made much of the fact that it’s obsession is story, and they succeeded to a very large extent. I’m here to tell you though, that TSW kicks SWTOR’s butt in relation to story. Mainly because of how well the cut scenes are done, the natural language the NPCs use and the thought that’s gone into developing a story line that keeps you hooked. Both games appear to have done a good job in making people want to have multiple characters in the game.

The other key point to be made here are the stark differences between the Dragon, Illuminati and Templar. Sure, every MMO has its factions, but Funcom have done a great job in emphasising their differences, even though they’re all human. I’m hanging out to get more in-depth with the two other factions besides my Templar.


Aside from the items you can pick up in the game, Funcom also have an item store where you can outfit your character to the style it deserves. You’ll need to buy Funcom points for the privelege – they start at US$5.00 for 600 points, and the gear you can buy ranges from 80 points up to more than 2000 points for the high end stuff.

The Downsides

I actually found it difficult to find significant negatives, but like any MMO they’re certainly there. The main frustrations / concerns for me were:

1. There’s definitely a lag issue at times. Not being interested in PVP, it never toally impacted my experience but there were times I cold see my cast bar lagging behind what I was pressing significantly – sometime to the point my cast bar was a whole action behind.

2. Some quests don’t work well if done out of order. There were a couple of times I’d realise I’d missed a quest involving a character I’d already dealt with and it didn’t complete for me properly. Some of that will be early teething problems too, and I know there’s been some fixes already with some quests.

3. I hate crafting – I just can’t get my head around the need to manually drag things into certain patterns. The approach does fit the wider design of the game but it just annoys the hell out of me. I may be in a minority there though and would appreciate your comments on crafting in the comments.

The Verdict

If you’re a lover of MMO that’s a little burnt out on the usual fare and looking for something different, then you should take a serious look at TSW. Even if you hate the whole monster / zombie schtick, this game is done well enough that you may still find it more than rewarding. If you want a simple hack and slash MMO then TSW may not be for you as you will need to think beyond key mashing and getting out of the fire.

Given the relatively small price of buying the game, which comes with 30 days free playtime, it’s not a big gamble. If you hate it or are indifferent to what it offers, then you’ve had a $60 experiment fail. If you love it, or can see it’s full potential developing in the medium term, then you keep subscribing.

The strongest point I can make on what I think about the game is what I did with my wallet: I bought a lifetime subscription.

Our score: 4.5/5 Greeblies

Now over to you: we’d love our thoughts on the game. Feel free to pick apart any claims we’ve made, point out any gaps or give us the low-down on later content in the game if you’ve got that far.

The Secret World: More Details on New Content

Funcom have sent out the latest player newsletter, and it contains some interesting info on incoming content for the game.

For those that like packing a physical weapon, you’re likely to be excited about the addition of a rocket launcher to the arsenal. You’ll have to work hard to get it, but my guess is we’ll still see plenty of people running around with them. There’s also a bunch of new missions on the way this month as well.

For those at work who can’t access the official site, here’s the full break-down:


Introducing a brand new weapon, featuring seven brand new abilities, wrapped in a brand new auxiliary wheel!


With the addition of a third weapon and eighth ability hot-bar slot, you can now augment your existing decks with the awesome might of the rocket launcher. The rocket launcher that goes ‘Boom!’.


More details will be revealed very soon — and this is just the first of many auxiliary weapons to come! We’re already working on the next one…and The Secret World should prepare for a real Texas-style massacre. Rrrrrreeeennnennennnennnnn!




Inside an abandoned abattoir in the bowels of Brooklyn, the infamous Dr Anton Aldini (Peter Stormare) has set up his paraplastic surgery — the Modern Prometheus — and on August 28th, his practice will be open for business.


With the Modern Prometheus, we’re introducing new heads and new facial features, allowing players to completely alter the way their characters look. The first visit is free, but subsequent nips and tucks will cost PAX. Coupons will also be made available in the item store for those players who are short on in-game cash.




Unhappy with your hairstyle? With your beard or moustache? Your makeup? At Ockham’s Razor in London, you can change them all!


Doubling the number of available hairstyles, players can use in-game cash (PAX) or coupons purchased in the item store to alter their ‘do, facial hair or makeup.




Mission Pack #2 — part of August’s issue — adds new investigation missions, the auxiliary weapon mission, and lair action missions to the game:


  • ‘Digging Deeper’ continues the story that began with The Kingsmouth Code, and sends players back to Pastor Henry Hawthorne at the Kingsmouth Congregational to dig deeper into the town’s secret history and Illuminati legacy
  • In ‘Death and Axes’, players learn more about Sophie’s close connection with the spirit world. In Transylvania’s Besieged Farmlands, the dead are restless, and Sophie is increasingly sensitive to their pain — causing Cern some concern for her well-being, and sending players on an investigation into the terrible events that have transpired here
  • ‘Strangers from a Strange Land’ introduces players to the ancient history of Solomon Island, going back to when the island was visited by Norsemen in their longboats, a thousand years ago. This investigation begins with Red (of Red’s Bait & Tackle) and introduces players to a pair of famous talking ravens from Norse mythology…
  • In Transylvania, Iele — the guardian of the Shadowy Forest — needs the player’s help in order to revive her ‘Singing Stones’ and fight the growing infection that threatens this delicate magical sanctuary
  • Acquiring the first auxiliary weapon — the rocket launcher — won’t be a cakewalk. In the first of a series of exciting auxiliary weapon missions, players will work with the Council of Venice to retrieve a highjacked shipment of rocket launchers. During the course of this mission, players face powerful new Orochi technology, travel to a brand new location, and come face to face with the two-faced Phoenicians


And these are just some of the missions that will be made available as part of Mission Pack #2!




Two additional dungeons are receiving Nightmare modes in issue #2: The Facility and Hell Eternal.


Further testing the extreme limits of the players’ abilities, these new additions bring new challenges and new rewards to The Secret World.

The Secret World 1.1.1 Patch Notes

The TSW servers are up and version 1.1.1 of TSW is now live. The patch notes are reproduced in full for you below.

There’s plenty of fixes plus a new anti-aliasing option if you have a NVIDIA Kelper (600) series of GPU. For the rest of us there’s hopefully now an even more fun game – or at least one with a bunch less bugs.



With this update we have enabled TXAA, and The Secret World is the first game in the world to support this anti-aliasing technique! This requires the newest NVIDIA Kelper (600) series of GPU. To enable TXAA in the video options of the game select “TXAA 2x” or “TXAA 4x” as your anti-aliasing under the video options of the game. These drivers are schedueled to go out of beta (WHQL) around the 13th of August.



Solomon Island


Kingsmouth Town

  • The Pick-Up: The mission can now be paused and resumed again later at the correct tier where it was left
  • The Orochi Scientists now fight back


The Savage Coast

  • Carter Unleashed: Carter will no longer be seen running straight through the ladder and the wall at the end of the mission
  • Carter Unleashed: NPC Familiars found in the basement of the academy are now hanging from the hooks instead of floating in thin air
  • The Black House: The pentagram will disappear when the player solves the puzzle


Blue Mountain

  • Funeral Crashers: Fixed an issue that prevented players from resuming their mission if it was paused on tier 5/5
  • Funeral Crashers: Added a journal entry for tier 5 of the mission
  • Dawning of an Endless Night: Fixed an issue that could cause players to be stuck on tier 15/18 when activating the wards in The Blue Mountain and disconnecting



The Scorched Desert

  • The Last Legion: The Mission now properly resets when a player disconnects during the fight
  • The Last Legion: Players going in PvP while doing the mission will no longer block the mission for other players
  • The Last Legion: The Orb of Aten is no longer an interactive object after starting “Defeat the Legion”
  • From Below: Dr Shirui and Experiment SB118 are now spawned correctly


City of the Sun God

  • Halls of Lost Records – Tier 5: The Nodes of Mystical Energy inside the Chamber of Satis will no longer enter an infinite cooldown
  • The 3rd Age: Players can no longer interact with the sarcophagus before they have assembled the key, as intended
  • The 3rd Age: The first goal will now only update if you get the Strange Metal Clockwork Key in your inventory
  • Using the Altar of binding will now update the goal and will no longer cause the altar to become uninteractable
  • Black Sun, Red Sand: The mission now has a mission description



Besieged Farmlands

  • The Summoning – The Plague: The bosses and mobs now always drop loot when defeated


The Shadowy Forest

  • The Drăculeşti – Tier 4: Players must now pick up the explosives and detonators individually so that they may receive the items correctly
  • The Drăculeşti – Tier 4: When you interact with a placed explosive, you will now receive a message indicating it has already been used



Hell Raised

  • Nightmare: We have determined that mobs in Hell Raised Nightmare had an unnaturally high Defence Rating. This caused a frustrating number of glances, even for superbly-equipped players who had mastered the dungeon. Though the Hit Rating requirements of this dungeon remain high, we’ve adjusted them down to be more in line with the difficulty of gearing for the other Nightmare modes
  • The Master Planner achievement now enforces the proper requirements of never changing your build, as intended


Hell Fallen

  • When he summons the second Machine Tyrant, the first machine Tyrant no longer remains active (unless in Nightmare mode)
  • If players are killed before Wicker’s explosion kills them during the Ascendants encounter, a duplicate Wicker which leads the boss and/or adds outside the encounter location should no longer spawn
  • After defeating the Ascendants during the last fight, the lootbag dropped can now be opened immediately


Hell Eternal

  • Infernal Overwatch’s summon spell “Klaxon Call” can no longer be interrupted
  • Eblis’s loot should no longer drop in inaccessible locations


Soviet Fort

  • Halina Ilyushin should no longer cast Spite whenever she feels like it. She should also stay in her arena, as the program intended


The Facility

  • Lasers will stop doing damage when they are no longer visibly hitting the player


The Ankh

  • The damage from the Orochi Dead Ops encounter has been toned down
  • Nightmare: After walking in and out of the Filth in the dungeon, the Filth Undertow effect no longer remains on the player
  • Nightmare: The Dimensional Reaper summoned by Doctor Klein is no longer invisible


Darkness War

  • Wayeb-Xul encounter: Bomb Mayans are no longer running towards the player and they will now always explode at 0 health



Fusang Project

  • The “Capture a Facility” mission should again give the correct amount of Black and White Marks of Venice



  • Fists: Turn the Tables and The Scarlet Arts will now build counters on Hot Iron
  • Blades: Mobs with Resistances should no longer resist the DoT effect applied by Sling Blade
  • Hammers: Passive abilities that proc on critical hits will now affect Hell to Pay
  • Blood Magic: Particles are now shown correctly instead of orange and green squares



  • The Charged Ward Generator can no longer be traded, as intended
  • The items acquired during King of the Hill will no longer affect the Monsters outside its intended location
  • Fixed some clipping issues with hats and hair
  • When purchasing the “Friend of the Darkness” title from the item shop, you will now also get the correct title



  • The notes received during the mission “Crime and Punishment” – Tier 1 will no longer display black squares instead of letters



  • London: Entering Tabula Rasa will no longer leave the character in the middle of empty space
  • Agartha: Fixed an issue with a Gatekeeper spell that could not be avoided by players
  • New cabals can again be created normally
  • The Nightmare achievements for Master Planner (Ankh and Hell Fallen) are now visible in the achievements window
  • The achievement “Corvophobia – The Poe (chase away 50 flocks of ravens)” should now update correctly
  • Attacking the shield/barrier of a boss or mob will now correctly generate hate
  • Lairs and region bosses will now automatically be locked to the player/group that summoned the boss

The Secret World 1.1 Patch Notes

Here they are in full for you – lots of bug fixes a lot of people have been waiting for!

Update 1.1 – Hotfix – August 3rd

  • Fixed an issue that caused custom chat tabs to stop updating and show no new messages after zoning to another playfield
  • Corrected an issue that players sometimes couldn’t correctly subscribe to certain chat channels



“Issue #1: Unleashed” Game Update 1.1 – July 31st



Seven brand new missions, two new Nightmare Mode dungeons and the Marketplace are now all available as part of The Secret World Issue #1: Unleashed.

Please click here for more information about the new missions in Issue #1.

(Psst, complete all the new missions for a new achievement and unique clothing rewards!)


Top changes

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is now available in London!

  • All tradable items can be listed and searched for via the search options in the Marketplace UI. This UI is accessible via the bank NPCs in London
  • Only items from your personal storage can be listed and they will occupy a slot in the bank until they are sold
  • Listings show up from all players on all dimensions
  • All items are listed for 7 days after which point they time out
  • All listings have a 10% up front cost based on the listing price. This cost is refunded if the item sells
  • All successful sales are subject to a 5% broker fee upon sale



  • The ‘/say’ and ‘/shout’ chat commands now work properly
  • Improved animations when interacting with objects
  • It is now impossible for players to make their characters nude
  • When using the ‘high’ graphics settings, screen will no longer become blurry in some areas
  • The website will not crash the in-game browser
  • Filth Rain does not follow players to other zones
  • Players can no longer attach character-bound items to mail
  • Changing eye colour now works properly for all heads in character creation
  • Certain heals will no longer generate hate on friendly targets
  • Players will not be able to consume the Elixir of Life when already at full health
  • Certain monsters, such as the Royal Sadists, will not attack the player when dead



  • Introducing two new Nightmare Mode dungeons: The Ankh and Hell Fallen. These dungeons are built to be extremely challenging, and the enemies and encounters in these dungeons will test your build-making, gear, group composition and combat skills to the limit
  • Dungeon bosses and mini-bosses now only drop one loot bag
  • The Ankh: Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh, is now immune to crowd control effects and will no longer despawn, then respawn with full health



  • The anima full-screen effect will no longer persist if the player has entered a PvP Battlefield
  • Players can no longer enter PvP Battlefields while in Anima form. They will be resurrected upon entry



  • Trying to split a stack when the player inventory is full will no longer cause that slot to malfunction
  • Mission decals will not disappear when a player teleports out of a zone



  • Hammer: The “Smash” ability will now always have an animation




  • Seven brand new missions are now available to all players as part of our first free monthly content update, “Issue #1: Unleashed”
  • Crafting items for a mission should now fulfil the goals of that mission
  • Into Darkness will no longer shut players of any faction out of the instance for any reason if they have not yet completed the mission


Solomon Island



  • That’ll Leave a Mark: The trapped survivor should now spawn at the trap only if he has been killed or the mission has been completed


The Savage Coast

  • Another Bug Hunt – Tier 2: Players can now turn in their dog tags to Sarge when in the appropriate area
  • The Black House: Carrie Killian’s ashes should now reappear correctly
  • Crustacean Curse – Tier 2: Mission will now award XP as intended
  • Winter’s Legacy: Jacob Smythe will now spawn as intended
  • Taking the Purple – Tier 2: Players can now spawn the ambushers if another player fails this mission


Blue Mountain

  • Off the Menu – Tier 2: This mission should no longer reset after a player had added the sedative to the meat
  • The Haunting – Tier 3: The Delapores now respawn if players leave using their Agartha Conduit and zone back into the instance
  • Dawning of an Endless Night: Players can no longer get stuck in the Dreaming Prison
  • Dawning of an Endless Night: Players who have exited the dream before completion will now have a marker directing them back to the Dreaming Prison
  • Dawning of an Endless Night – Tier 5: Joe Slater cinematic should now play properly in all situations




Scorched Desert

  • The Big Terrible Picture – Tier 3: Prisms should now work properly
  • King of the Hill: Vortex Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, and Landmines will now only work in the appropriate area
  • The Last Legion – Tier 3: Monsters should no longer disappear during cinematic and Legion should spawn correctly
  • The Last Legion – Tier 3: Killing Legatus Aulus should now reward credit for players who are on the same step


City of the Sun God

  • The Eye of Horus: Keeper Garran and Keeper Sh’ar now spawn as intended
  • The Eye of Horus: Pausing this mission will no longer cause the Eye of Horus to disappear from players’ inventories
  • The Way of Things: Tiers 2, 3, and 4 have been made more multiplayer friendly with multiple improvements
  • Black Sun, Red Sand – Tier 9: Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh will no longer despawn, allowing the mission to be completed
  • Halls of Lost Records – Tier 6: Activating the defense mechanism will update the mission for all players present in the room
  • Foundations – Tier 3: Examining the tablet now updates the mission properly




The Besieged Farmlands

  • The Cost of Magic – Tier 5: Ritual can be completed as intended


The Carpathian Fangs

  • The Castle: This mission is now repeatable
  • Exit Strategy – Tier 4 : The Orochi communications terminal now works as intended


The Shadowy Forest

  • Mortal Sins – Tier 10: Only one player at a time can now interact with the water of life puzzle letters
  • Mortal Sins – Tier 20: Players can now re-enter the tomb if needed
  • Last Dance of the Padurii – Tier 4: Pausing this mission will no longer cause the Humming Music Box to disappear from players’ inventories
  • The Draculesti – Tier 4: Once all of the explosive spots are full, players who placed explosives get credit for this mission
  • Fatal Framing: This mission will now reward XP as intended
  • Who Comes and Who Goes: Goal text will now correctly ask the player to “Find the Abandoned Tunnel”

The Secret World: Help Guide

One of the coolest things about The Secret World is the investigation missions. They require brains instead of finger-mashing, which is why the game has a built in web browser for research. Which is probably what has brought you here. The below answers are ones I found out myself – I’d suggest you do the same but if you want the easy way out, read on:

(this help guide will grow as I progress through the game – bear with me!)

Men in Black Vans: what is the laptop password?

Answer: (non-spoiler) – go to the URL shown on the black suited bodies lying near the van and look up Kitsune’s wife at that URL. (spoiler) ‘sally’ is the password.

Men in Black Vans: where is the tracker I need to use?

Answer: right next to the laptop, adjust your camera angle and you’ll see it just to the left of the laptop in the back of the van. I didn’t see it for ages because I had my camera angle too low.

Men in Black Vans: how do I disassemble the tracker?

Answer: (non-spoiler) there’s a combination you need to do in the right order. If you get it wring you’ll see the component fizzle and hear a noise. It’ll also attract a bigger monster out of the sea so head back up the beach unless you want a fight. (spoiler) Select the component on the East side of the unit (facing the sea), then the South side and then West side. That’s what worked for me anyway.

I Phone Home: how do I give the tablet to Danny?

Answer: just left click on him once. Believe it or not took me a while to work this out.

ATC: how do I use the security keypad to get in to disable the EMP generator?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Kill the draug in the area and just near where he was standing you’ll find your answer. (spoiler) Passcode is 739241. And don’t forget to put on your Orochi uniform from your inventory (it is looted automatically from the body you examine – although you may need to examine both bodies to get one to fit).

Dawn of an Endless Night: what is the password on Dr Bannerman’s computer?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Dr Bannerman likes classical music based on the photo you examine. (spoiler) Google ‘Four Seasons Classical’ and you’ll get your answer.

Dawn of an Endless Night: how do I find the trail left by Beaumont?

Answer: (non-spoiler) You need to search around the airport based on the picture you’re shown. (spoiler) Go to the shed/shack that’s at the furthest west of the airport (just above the scrapyard). It has the same scenic flight sign as in the picture.

Dawn of an Endless Night: how do I unlock the door to the Illuminati tunnel?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Collect the items around the room, read the book on the desk near the door, which gives you the hints. (spoiler) In order, insert the Yin and Yang, Skull, Phoenix, Pyramid and The Eye, then the door will open.

Dawn of an Endless Night: Where is the Illuminati vault?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Find the Order of Great Works book just inside the entrance of the instance. Collect the items from each of the rooms (both levels) and then search for the vault. (spoiler) Find the loose floorboards in the northern end room on the ground floor. Jump down and you’ll come to a door. Same deal as the previous tunnel door – insert (in order) the Star of David, Masonic Symbol, The Eye, skull and finally the Templar Cross.

They Never Stop Coming: where are the Slow and Dry Zombies?

Answer:(non-spoiler) Go to the North West of the main township. (Spoiler) It’s zombies like the Charred Remains and Witch Trial Victims that fit into this category.

They Never Stop Coming: where are the Zombie Cultists?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Have a good wander around the back areas of Kingsmouth and you’ll find them. (Spoiler) Behind Norma’s house.

Tomb Raider: where is Eric and Mindy’s Grave?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Work your way around the graveyard and it’s there, but not in the easiest areas. (Spoiler) With your back to the church, it’s in the second back row on the right half near the fence.

Into Darkness: how do I get to New York?

Answer: via Agartha – I stupidly kept going to the record shop because there was a yellow cross there….

Into Darkness: where is the rendezvous point?

Answer: (non-spoiler) near a truck with flashing lights in a lower level of the parking garage. (Spoiler) Walk right up to the corpses in the corner on the lowest level.

Horror Show: where is the camera at the mining museum?

Answer: (non-spoiler) it’s in the top half of the building. (Spoiler) You climb the ladder on the building behind the mining museum, jump across to the museum and you’ll find the camera at the front of the musuem on the little overhang.

The League of Monster Slayers: what is the order of initiation?

Answer: here’s the map – click on it for the full-size version:










The League of Monster Slayers: where is the body I need to poke?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Look around the immediate area after you discover Dead Man’s Canyon. (spoiler) There;s a small dark head poking out of the ground. Mouse over that and it’ll be labelled as ‘The Body’ – right click to poke it.

Science And The Arts: where are the blueprints in the headmaster’s office?

Answer: (non-spoiler) Don’t make the mistake like I did of thinking the headmaster’s office is where you talk to him. (spoiler) The blueprints are on the wall in the headmaster’s office which is directly on the floor above where you talk to him.